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Fair Labor Law!  Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Humana, INC.  For Florida Employees


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prescribes standards for wages and overtime pay, which affect most private and public employment. ... It requires employers to pay covered employees who are not otherwise exempt at least the federal minimum wage and overtime pay of one-and-one-half-times the regular rate of pay.  

Worker's Compensation!


If you are injured on the job, what do you do?  Well, in the State of Florida you have 30 days to file a notice of injury with your employer.  If you do not notify your employer of the workplace injury within 30 days, you may end up with no remedy under the law.  So, if you have a work place injury, it is important to file the appropriate notice and to make sure that there is no doubt that the employer is aware of the claim so that the employer can, in-turn, notify the insurance company right away.  

Frenchy's artist claims betrayal and more in suit against restaurant!


You can find the artwork of Silas Beach all around the Tampa area — street signs, murals, clothing and flip flops, all featuring the flora and fauna of the tropics. His giant green gecko banner once crawled up a tall building in downtown Tampa, and along Gulf Boulevard in Pinellas County, the fish-themed mile markers are his creation. But the artist celebrated for his happy and vibrant works says he’s bitter, disabled and broke. He feels he was used for years then discarded by a longtime friend who owns the iconic seafood restaurant group, Frenchy’s. “If there was ever a case of artistic exploitation, this is it,” said Gatewood’s lawyer, W. John Gadd. 

Stripper Files Federal labor lawsuit against Baby Dolls in Clearwater!


Rohlsen says she likes the work; it’s good exercise, she sees it as art and she likes to be around people. But the enjoyment goes down when she has to go home with little or no cash for her efforts, even though she pays fees to the club and DJ, whether she made money or not. Rohlsen’s lawyer, W. John Gadd, said when he first heard from dancers that they collect zero wages and actually pay the clubs to be allowed to dance, he was flabbergasted. There was, he said, a “cognitive dissonance” on his part because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 


 Employment and Payroll 

CLEARWATER — Three construction workers are suing Tampa Bay restaurateur Frank Chivas' newest business Marina Cantina and construction company Primary Structures, alleging the two companies concocted a payroll scheme to avoid paying laborers overtime.


The Hurricane Settles Lawsuit

ST. PETE BEACH — The Hurricane Restaurant, the local landmark known for its grouper sandwiches, has reached a legal settlement with 45 employees alleging unfair pay practices. The 37-year-old restaurant with rooftop views of the Gulf of Mexico will pay $67,000 to employees in varying amounts based on the hours worked and pay received from February to September 2013.

Be Wary Of the Telephone Lawyering


Frequently, we meet with clients who come to our office with interesting stories, or what we call, “fact patterns”. Unfortunately, we often find that the

potential case is no longer viable because of a statute of limitations problem or some other goof that could have been completely avoided....


When You've Been Injured:


It happens, Day in and Day Out, everyday people find their lives turned upside down by injuries that are no fault of their own. The repercussions can be severe. Folks are thrown out of work, forced to figure out a way to make ends meet without a steady paycheck, while the medical bills mount and the debt collectors begin to swarm around the mail box and your cell phone starts getting calls from the usual suspects.

When Your Employer Cheats YOU!


It is very likely that you might be an hourly worker. And if you are not, you probably know of several whom are.  What you might not know is that businesses large and small steal tens and sometimes hundred of thousand of dollars from their employees by shaving the recorded hours an employee has worked.

Are Financial Issues Weighing You and Your Family Down?


Seemingly everyday our office consults with clients and friends of existing clients in regards to financial hardships.  In today's mega-corporate environment, the majority of consumers relationships are almost totally impersonal. The banks, the credit card companies and the debt collectors rarely have any personal knowledge of who you are or why you might be experiencing a hardship and they certainly do not seem to care. 

Getting paid.png

Getting Paid


Each employee represented by our office recovered every penny they were owed, plus liquidated damages and attorney fees. I always remind friends of the office

to keep “wage and hour law” close to their hearts. The fact remains that many, many friends and co-workers routinely come in early, stay late, work through lunches and attend meetings/run errands after hours.

Smiles don’t lie:

Protecting the clients rights.png

Protecting the Rights of our Clients


Our office has filed over three hundred cases in federal court to protect the rights of our clients. Lawsuits often get a bad reputation in the media. But, what is a lawsuit? A lawsuit is simply the process ordained by our society to air grievances and to obtain

redress for wrongful acts. Contrary to what many think, “lawsuit” is not a bad word.

Unable to work.png

Unable to work ?


Social Security Disability Income can be an important social safety net in society. Many hard working Individuals find themselves unable to maintain substantial, gainful employment as a result of injuries and medical conditions. Unfortunately, the SSDI process can be complicated and many clients need assistance in

navigating the SSDI system. If you have questions or concerns about SSDI benefits, we are here and happy to help.

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